Month: May 2016

Social Immobility and the Welfare Trap

The debate about inequality has recently been framed as the 99% against the reviled 1%. The premise of the debate seems to be that these groups are static. The [...]

Protest votes

Francis Fukuyama famously claimed that with Western liberal democracy we have reached ‘the end of history’ or the final state of man’s sociological [...]

Hunt pays up, doctors stand down

The long running dispute between Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the British Medical Association over a new Junior Doctors contract may finally be at an end. [...]

UK Inflation figures: No rate hikes on the horizon

Another month of low inflation in the UK. April CPI was up 0.3%, due to falls in air fares, vehicles, clothing and social housing rents which offset the rising [...]

Its ze Germans’ fault

Martin Wolf is at it again in the FT this week, scolding Germany for running a current account surplus and for their criticism of the ECB. In the Keynesian [...]

The depressing (lack of) debate about tax

The level of taxation has always been one of the most hotly contested topics in politics, with the debate pitting those who favour taxes to rise in order to [...]

Let me hear you say it: ‘We don’t like Trump’

The UK doesn’t like Donald Trump. We politically correct, superior, civilised Democrat sympathizers think he is a bully, a brute, a Neanderthal and not [...]

Another irrelevant election

Tomorrow we have the local elections to look forward to. And boy, are they exciting! Actually, the only remotely exciting aspect is the implications for Jeremy [...]