Month: August 2016

Janet Yellen flip-flops in Jackson Hole

The Federal Reserve’s credibility has taken a few knocks in recent years. Back in the early 2000s, when Alan Greenspan was chairman, confidence among the [...]

Ach nein! Its the Germans who suffer from a Brexit hangover

It appears that it is not the British economy which is reacting negatively to Brexit, but rather the UK’s European trading partners who are worried about the [...]

UK tax evasion plans: how to abolish the rule of law

Ever since the financial crisis, people and corporations who try to minimise their tax have been in the public eye, and the scrutiny only intensified earlier [...]

The self-inflicted UK housing crisis

The UK has been in a housing crisis for decades. According to the government’s own numbers, England alone needs between 232,000 to 300,000 new homes build [...]

Another summer, another credit crisis in the Eurozone

There is a new crisis brewing in the EU, tough this time it has failed to generate the mainstream coverage that was afforded to Greece when their tragedy was [...]

BoE confirms that they are trapped by low interest rates

The Bank of England’s 25bps cut to the benchmark interest rate last Thursday was fully in line with expectations – since Brexit it has been inevitable, not [...]

Putting the BHS pension deficit into perspective

The row about failed UK high street retailer BHS’s £572 million pensions deficit escalated in the past week, with former owner Sir Philip Green and House of [...]

A new challenge for the Fed: try talking up those GDP figures

On Friday we had the Q2 GDP figure from the US. Not only did it come in way below expectations @ 1.2% annualized, Q1 was adjusted down to 0.8%, the fourth [...]