Month: September 2016

It is governments who make and break the banks

There is trouble in Germany’s largest bank. Deutsche Bank’s shares are taking a hiding, down 17% in the last week and a colossal 60% and counting in the [...]

Welcome to the 70’s: Time travel, Labour style

Labour conferences are always good for a laugh, but this year it has taken on an especially bizarre shine. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s speech was no [...]

The economics of space exploration

Deep space has a way of grasping the human imagination. Ever since the Sputnik satellite was launched by the USSR in 1957, the wonders of the universe have [...]

The unfair advantage of being a pregnant woman

Over the last couple of days, readers of British newspapers have been treated to a series of articles detailing how the number of women forced to leave their [...]

Blurred lines: The BoE goes corporate

The Bank of England has taken a significant step in its attempts to save us all from the claws of recession. The Bank will step up it’s so far modest [...]

Post Brexit opportunities: Britannia rule the waves

A few months after Brexit the UK economy has not disappeared into a black hole. A few better-than-expected economic indicators has been jumped upon by the [...]

The Venezuelan collapse: too much capitalism?

There is always something to enjoy in the Socialist Worker. The British newspaper is a remnant from the past, a voice for the hard left which continues to read [...]