Month: November 2016

Calexit and socialist hypocrisy

After Brexit, Calexit. The idea of secession from the USA is gaining popularity amongst disgruntled Californian liberals, upset to – or often beyond – the [...]

Trump is right to abandon the TPP – we need real free trade

The first concrete policy announcement form the incoming Trump administration has been the pledge to withdraw the USA from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), [...]

When are we going to stop borrowing?

Today the UK Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, is giving his Autumn Statement, but already yesterday figures for the state’s borrowing for the month of October [...]

Communists sense limitations of industrial strategies; May doesn’t

Social and economic development in China is currently guided by the 13th Five-Year Plan, the guidelines issued by the Communist Party to shape the future of [...]

Who lost the US presidential election?

For many on the right, whether of the libertarian or more traditional conservative persuasion, last week’s US election was a satisfying experience. Seeing [...]

Wake-up call to the SJW crowd

Brexit and President Trump within a few months of each other! 2016 will go down as a bad year for the politically correct, leftie luvvies who for too long have [...]

America’s Brexit moment

For all his flaws, Donald Trump will be a better president of the USA than Hillary Clinton would have been. This is not only because his policy platform [...]

Time for the survivalist kit: Global imbalances herald the coming recession

Listening to the mainstream media in the autumn of 2016, it seems that only two things could put a spanner in the works of the slow, but steady central bank [...]

The long overdue demise of the unions

There was a time when being a unionist was meaningful. Back in the early 19th century, the industrial revolution bestowed amazing growth on the world, but [...]