Month: January 2017

Three questions for the inequality campaigners

Inequality hit the news again last month, when Oxfam published their annual study of global inequality, which labelled the state of affairs “obscene” and [...]

Time to end the cult of the NHS

Citizens have a right to ‘qualified medical care provided by state health institutions’. Most Brits would agree with that statement. It comes from article [...]

Solving the productivity puzzle

The UK economy has for years suffered from lacklustre productivity, and the latest figures from The Office for National Statistics confirm the trend: output [...]

A farewell to Obama and his failed foreign policy

As the world parts company with the third American president to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while in office, it seems a fitting time to not only take [...]

Behind the Obama legacy: the truth about the US jobs market

The mainstream media has been busy showering outgoing US president Barrack Obama with accolades after 8 years in office. Headlines like ‘Obama’s Jobs [...]

A bankrupt profession shows no sign of humility

Last week Bank of England chief economist Michael Haldane used an event at the Institute for Government to warn against putting too much faith in economists [...]

May surrenders to the world view of the Left

There’s a new name for the government’s vision of Britain in 2017. The ‘Shared Society’ is Theresa May’s moniker for her agenda that is supposed to [...]

We can’t allow a real-life Ministry of Truth

In George Orwell’s seminal novel 1984 the Ministry of Truth is the government ‘s propaganda ministry, responsible for disseminating information to the [...]

UK tax evasion legislation: how to abolish the rule of law

Ever since the financial crisis, people and corporations who try to minimise their tax have been in the public eye, and the scrutiny only intensified with the [...]