Month: February 2017

Identity politics and the emergence of a new culture war

We live in an age defined by identity. No longer is a man judged by his actions, but by what demographic he belongs to. The idea that man (or woman, [...]

Charity versus welfare: the moral bankruptcy of state benefits

The most common objection to the welfare state is that ‘without welfare the poor would die in the streets’. It pops up without fail in every conversation [...]

Were prices really falling? What you MUST know about inflation

Around the world, politicians and central bankers have been worried about the cost of the stuff we buy not being high enough. Official UK inflation has hovered [...]

Trump: good or bad for libertarians?

As a libertarian watching the phenomenon that is Donald Trump, it is difficult to know exactly what to think. One can't help but be impressed by his [...]

Nine problems with the government’s hopeless housing plan

Today the government published its white paper on the housing market, a landmark initiative to address one of the most pressing problems in the UK: the chronic [...]

Trump’s return to Mercantilism

Newly elected US President Donald Trump has made much of the US's trade deficits, which has been a persistent characteristic of the US economy pretty much [...]