Month: April 2017

Patently wrong: why patents do not encourage innovation

Patents are government enforced monopolies on ideas. They are supposed to reward and encourage innovation by granting innovators exclusive rights to exploit [...]

The Insidiousness of Free School Meals

Election campaigns are occasions for politicians to act generously with tax payers money, lavishing goods and services on constituencies in return for votes. [...]

Three non-immigration reasons not to vote for Marine Le Pen

The first round of the French presidential election is coming up this Sunday, and as with all elections these days there is some trepidation when it comes to [...]

Are we on the verge of WW3?

Last week’s missile attack on the Syrian Shayrat airbase, in response to the alleged chemical attack on Syrian civilians by government troops, marked a [...]

Marijuana won’t kill you, but the police might

From extra-judicial killings in Rodrigo Duterte’s Philippines, to gang shootings in the no-go zone neighbourhoods of suburban Chicago, the body-count [...]

Man’s rights and the progressive rights inflation

Across the political spectrum, from Libertarians and Randian Objectivists to socialists, there is agreement on the existence and sanctity of basic individual [...]