Month: June 2017

Libertarians beware: The battle has moved to the centre

The Left is celebrating the death of the ‘Neo-Liberal Consensus’, the political consensus that has dominated Western democracies since 1980. Characterised [...]

Young, spoiled and angry for the wrong reasons

In September 2016 research from YouGov showed the typical Labour supporter to be a depressed vegetarian. In the summer of 2017, the image of the core of Jeremy [...]

We must educate the young on the horrors of socialism

On both sides of the Atlantic, politics as we know it is changing. Party allegiance, long determined by your income and social class, is today more likely to [...]

Are the Tories really to blame for the Grenfell Tower fire?

Before the London Fire Brigade had extinguished the last flames in the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, the left, galvanized by their recent electoral [...]

Time to proudly stand up for capitalism

There are many reasons why Theresa May’s Conservatives managed to squander what seemed like an unassailable lead over Labour in the recent UK election. [...]

Corbyn is right, politics has changed

One despairs. An election assumed to be a formality, returning a large Tory majority, was not just supposed to give Theresa May a strong mandate in the [...]

How a libertarian would tackle terrorism

For many, the natural reaction to terrible events like the Manchester and London terror attacks is defiance. Accordingly, following terror attacks both in the [...]

Who are the real racists?

In the current climate of overwhelming political correctness and left-liberal indignation it is increasingly hard not to be accused of being a racist. Last [...]

Why Trump is right to pull out of the Paris Agreement

Following through on a central campaign promise, Donald Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the much hyped 2016 deal that is [...]