Month: July 2017

Something rotten in the state of Denmark: Does Scandinavia get it right?

The ‘Scandinavian Model’ is revered on the left, held up as a beacon of socialism delivered; a utopia of high taxes, large public sectors, cradle-to-grave [...]

Are the rich greedy?

The rich, conventional wisdom has it, are greedy, unscrupulous and selfish. The left happily play into the stereotype, justifying wealth distribution not only [...]

How cheap money built the housing crisis

Those who crusade against inequality can find no better proof of a wealth gap than in the housing market: while many home owners have found themselves [...]

A Tale of Two Cities: What Grenfell Tower tells us about capitalism

David Lammy, the Tottenham Labour MP, gave an emotional interview in the days after the Grenfell Tower tragedy: ‘This is a tale of two cities. This is what [...]

The real issues behind the public sector pay debate

Boris Johnson is the latest Tory voice to join the chorus calling for lifting the 1% cap on annual public sector wage growth. George Osborne introduced a pay [...]

Our greed is good: the fake righteousness of socialism

The case against socialism as a system for the organisation of human relations and economics should be easy to make. Ludwig von Mises showed how economic [...]

The Marx Brothers: Not funny anymore

The left of British politics is rejoicing in an unexpected electoral resurgence. A skillful campaign has positioned Jeremy Corbyn as a political superstar and [...]