Month: August 2017

Time to re-make the case for Brexit

More than a year after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Labour this week made its mind up on strategy: the official exit in 2019 is to be followed by [...]

The selective outrage of the left

The Left has spent the last years in a state of constant moral outrage. In their world consisting of victims and oppressors, unfairness is everywhere. Free [...]

Being clever doesn’t make you right: Hawking regurgitates leftwing nonsense on the NHS

Stephen Hawking has weighed in on the debate about the future of the NHS with warnings about creeping privatization. His intervention has been widely [...]

Why libertarians must leave virtue signalling to the left

After last week’s nationalist march in Charlottesville under the “Unite the Right” banner and the confrontations with civil rights protestors which [...]

The inequalities of the welfare state

Those who believe in free markets and individual responsibility are often chastised for being willing to leave people behind and fostering a society with [...]

What you, and the regulators, should know about bank capital and market discipline

A decade on from the financial crisis and the capital markets continues to be in perilous shape, with international finance still dominated by a dozen or so [...]

The real reason behind ‘Our Broken Economy’

The NY Times today ran a much-hyped op-ed column entitled ‘Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart’. Said chart (below, produced by researchers including [...]

Exploiting the lazy: are UK energy prices too high?

After holding prices steady for 4 years, last week British Gas raised electricity prices by 12.5%. The average dual fuel bill will go up by £76 a year, a 7.3% [...]

Venezuela implodes; socialists seek excuses

As Venezuela burns, socialist everywhere are desperately trying to disown the tragedy. Over recent years, while it has become increasingly clearer that the [...]