Month: September 2017

A lost generation: demography underpins the resurgence of socialism

Calvin Robinson is head of computer science at St Mary’s and St John’s Church of England School in Hendon, north west London, and this year he featured in [...]

The Fed fesses up: QE didn’t work

In November 2008, the US Federal Reserve, while cutting the benchmark Fed Funds Rate aggressively, embarked on a large-scale programme of purchasing [...]

Why we support Catalan independence

Brexit may be taking the headlines when it comes to European independence movements, but further south a different secession movement is stirring again: the [...]

Should children be allowed to work?

In England, a child below the age of 13 is prohibited from working and young persons must be in part-time education or training until they’re 18. Most [...]

The world is lucky to have billionaires

A surge in the Amazon share price briefly made Jeff Bezos the world’s richest man in July 2017, when his fortune surpassed USD 90 billion. As the share sold [...]

Why disaster relief is misguided

When people decide where to live there are many factors which are taken into account, and the subjective ranking of these end up determining whether we settle [...]

Risk, reward and inequality

The entrepreneur is an unusual economic actor: integral to capitalism and admired on the right, he also enjoys a modicum of popularity on the anti-capitalist [...]

SJWs and the abuse of the English language

The otherwise obscure transgender black model, Monroe Bergdorf, hit the news last week after L’Oreal, who had hired her as part of a campaign to highlight [...]

Were the Nazis socialists?

“Nazi” is a term which is thrown around a lot these days. White nationalists are particularly liable to be labelled as such, but many other groups which [...]