Carillion shows that capitalism works

The collapse of construction giant Carillion is unfortunate. Shareholders are wiped out, services disrupted, 20,000 jobs are at risk and there will be ramifications down the supply chain. But most worryingly, the incident gives new impetus to a misguided and false agenda against capitalism and the private sector. It comes at a time when the public mood is [...]

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The self-inflicted UK housing crisis

The UK has been in a housing crisis for decades. According to the government’s own numbers, England alone needs between 232,000 to 300,000 new homes build every year to keep [...]

Another summer, another credit crisis in the Eurozone

There is a new crisis brewing in the EU, tough this time it has failed to generate the mainstream coverage that was afforded to Greece when their tragedy was at its climax [...]

BoE confirms that they are trapped by low interest rates

The Bank of England’s 25bps cut to the benchmark interest rate last Thursday was fully in line with expectations – since Brexit it has been inevitable, not least given [...]

Putting the BHS pension deficit into perspective

The row about failed UK high street retailer BHS’s £572 million pensions deficit escalated in the past week, with former owner Sir Philip Green and House of Commons Work [...]

A new challenge for the Fed: try talking up those GDP figures

On Friday we had the Q2 GDP figure from the US. Not only did it come in way below expectations @ 1.2% annualized, Q1 was adjusted down to 0.8%, the fourth quarter in a row [...]

Brexit: sorry unions fear flexibility

The left and the unions are concerned. Brexit will force a reconsideration of the EU rules and regulations that are not written into UK law, as they would cease to be enforced [...]

Obama has shown us the real reason why Trump is dangerous

After last week’s Republican convention, it is now clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for president of the United States. Trump is derided by the [...]

Six things wrong with government regulation

Government regulation, it is popular to think, is necessary to prevent greedy capitalists from exploiting the ignorance of consumers by cutting corners and providing [...]

New PM, more of the same

Theresa May is set to be our next Prime Minister, and after Brexit there is a real opportunity for a new agenda, one our new leader hasn’t wasted any time in showing she is [...]

Brexit, Osborne and the BoE: inconvenient rules and convenient excuses

George Osborne, the Chancellor, had staked his reputation on returning the UK economy to health after the financial crisis. In doing so he imposed several fiscal rules on [...]