How cheap money built the housing crisis

Those who crusade against inequality can find no better proof of a wealth gap than in the housing market: while many home owners have found themselves unexpectedly wealthy from rising values, those who do not own their own home find it increasingly impossible to get on the property ladder. And the property wealth gap is also a source of generational [...]

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The US creates more low paying jobs

US non farm payroll posted another gain in February, when the US economy added 242,000 jobs. The bad news though is that, just as last month, it is was mostly minimum wage [...]

Mervyn King’s courage to do nothing

Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chief during the 2007 crash, published his memoir entitled “The Courage to Act” in October – which Peter Schiff said should rather be [...]

Divine intervention: God doesn’t like shopping on Sundays

A group of British Christian leaders with nothing better to do has written an open letter to warn against a relaxation of the Sunday trading hours legislation. Apparently [...]

Inflation and the global currency war

When ECB chief Mario Draghi earlier this month warned that “there are forces in the global economy today that are conspiring to hold inflation down,” he was not just [...]

The end of History? How the mainstream wants you to think its all good

From Karl Marx to Francis Fukuyama, ‘thinkers’ have argued that history has a final, stable state that will persist for eternity. This is hardly a recent concept. [...]

The war on cash is coming

The gradual transition to a cashless society has finally made its way from obscure technicality/conspiracy theory to the pages of mainstream newspapers, after ECB chief Mario [...]

Only aliens can save us now!

They can’t say they weren’t warned: contrarian voices have been saying for years that the modern day alchemists in the central banks would not succeed in their experiment [...]