In defence of profits

Profits have a bad name these days. The resurgent far left has historically had an inherent and profound distrust of the profit motive, owing back to Marx’s concept of surplus value - the yield on capital investment in excess of labour cost. But doubts about the incentives created by the pursuit of profits extends beyond the far left into mainstream [...]

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The Fed surprises no-one as it continues to try to fool us

By the time the US Federal Reserve Bank met this earlier this week all expectations of a rate hike had long since evaporated. It was of course the awful jobs report published [...]

Weight loss, wedding cakes and the tyranny of political correctness

As one of his first actions as London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has moved to ban adverts featuring “unrealistic and unhealthy body shapes” on London’s busses and the tube. Under [...]

Free speech: An absolute

It should be clear to most that free speech is an absolute: you either have it or you do not – there is no grey zone. Free speech is not the freedom to say what is not [...]

The unjust circus of the parliamentary select committees

Yesterday, Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley appeared before the House of Commons Business Select Committee to defend himself against allegations around work practices at his [...]

Surprise! US jobs report puts rate hikes on hold

On Friday we had the latest US Jobless Claims report and it surprised to the downside. Significantly. Only 38,000 new jobs were added in May and that was way below [...]

Should the government make iPhones?

How many people think the iPhone would be better if it had been produced by the government? Would you think the battery life would be longer? That there would be more apps? A [...]

The IMF: contrite and confused

The so-called ‘Neo-Liberal’ agenda is taking some flak from one of it’s supposed proponents, with the IMF publishing an article denouncing two of it’s alleged main [...]

Social Immobility and the Welfare Trap

The debate about inequality has recently been framed as the 99% against the reviled 1%. The premise of the debate seems to be that these groups are static. The ‘rich’ are [...]

Protest votes

Francis Fukuyama famously claimed that with Western liberal democracy we have reached ‘the end of history’ or the final state of man’s sociological evolution. We have [...]

Hunt pays up, doctors stand down

The long running dispute between Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the British Medical Association over a new Junior Doctors contract may finally be at an end. Yesterday a deal [...]