How cheap money built the housing crisis

Those who crusade against inequality can find no better proof of a wealth gap than in the housing market: while many home owners have found themselves unexpectedly wealthy from rising values, those who do not own their own home find it increasingly impossible to get on the property ladder. And the property wealth gap is also a source of generational [...]

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How a libertarian would tackle terrorism

For many, the natural reaction to terrible events like the Manchester and London terror attacks is defiance. Accordingly, following terror attacks both in the UK and abroad [...]

Who are the real racists?

In the current climate of overwhelming political correctness and left-liberal indignation it is increasingly hard not to be accused of being a racist. Last week, Donald [...]

Why Trump is right to pull out of the Paris Agreement

Following through on a central campaign promise, Donald Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the much hyped 2016 deal that is supposed to keep [...]

Stuff ain’t free: has the time come for higher taxes?

Dishonesty is an unfortunate characteristic of most politicians. Famous for breaking promises, the profession struggles with an image of untrustworthiness. That is however no [...]

Bad timing for a bad manifesto

The Tory manifesto has consigned Thatcherism to history and replaced it with what the press calls Mayism. The new ‘ism’ turns its back on the belief in individualism and [...]

Why it is madness to nationalise the utilities

The debate about whether some industries are better off in public ownership has been resurrected in the UK election campaign, with the extreme-left Labour party of Jeremy [...]

A minimum wage is poor economics

Minimum wage legislation has become the go-to policy in developed economies when trying to deal with years of sluggish wage growth and rising inequality.  Faced with [...]

How stupid is Labour? Oh, the Robin Hood Tax is back…

The UK General Election campaign is fundamentally not very exciting, as the result is a foregone conclusion: the Conservatives will win a significant majority and Labour will [...]

Kindergarten economics: Labour’s moronic policy list is an insult to the electorate

The Labour Party has published a series of policies leading up to the publication of their manifesto. At least, that’s what is claimed. It is hard to tell if the [...]

Patently wrong: why patents do not encourage innovation

Patents are government enforced monopolies on ideas. They are supposed to reward and encourage innovation by granting innovators exclusive rights to exploit their idea while [...]