Why we support Catalan independence

Brexit may be taking the headlines when it comes to European independence movements, but further south a different secession movement is stirring again: the Catalan regional parliament has voted in favour of a bill which gives a legal basis for a referendum on independence from Spain, to be held on October 1. The Spanish central government in Madrid is – [...]

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The inequalities of the welfare state

Those who believe in free markets and individual responsibility are often chastised for being willing to leave people behind and fostering a society with unacceptable levels [...]

What you, and the regulators, should know about bank capital and market discipline

A decade on from the financial crisis and the capital markets continues to be in perilous shape, with international finance still dominated by a dozen or so financial [...]

The real reason behind ‘Our Broken Economy’

The NY Times today ran a much-hyped op-ed column entitled ‘Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart’. Said chart (below, produced by researchers including Thomas Piketty) [...]

Exploiting the lazy: are UK energy prices too high?

After holding prices steady for 4 years, last week British Gas raised electricity prices by 12.5%. The average dual fuel bill will go up by £76 a year, a 7.3% rise. Consumers [...]

Venezuela implodes; socialists seek excuses

As Venezuela burns, socialist everywhere are desperately trying to disown the tragedy. Over recent years, while it has become increasingly clearer that the country is in a [...]

Something rotten in the state of Denmark: Does Scandinavia get it right?

The ‘Scandinavian Model’ is revered on the left, held up as a beacon of socialism delivered; a utopia of high taxes, large public sectors, cradle-to-grave welfare and [...]

Are the rich greedy?

The rich, conventional wisdom has it, are greedy, unscrupulous and selfish. The left happily play into the stereotype, justifying wealth distribution not only with the need of [...]

How cheap money built the housing crisis

Those who crusade against inequality can find no better proof of a wealth gap than in the housing market: while many home owners have found themselves unexpectedly wealthy [...]

A Tale of Two Cities: What Grenfell Tower tells us about capitalism

David Lammy, the Tottenham Labour MP, gave an emotional interview in the days after the Grenfell Tower tragedy: ‘This is a tale of two cities. This is what Dickens was [...]

The real issues behind the public sector pay debate

Boris Johnson is the latest Tory voice to join the chorus calling for lifting the 1% cap on annual public sector wage growth. George Osborne introduced a pay freeze the first [...]