Are the rich greedy?

The rich, conventional wisdom has it, are greedy, unscrupulous and selfish. The left happily play into the stereotype, justifying wealth distribution not only with the need of the poor but the undeserved nature of the wealth of the rich. Lately, academia has gotten in on the game. Paul Piff, a professor at UC Irvine, is amongst several academics who [...]

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How cheap money built the housing crisis

Those who crusade against inequality can find no better proof of a wealth gap than in the housing market: while many home owners have found themselves unexpectedly wealthy [...]

A Tale of Two Cities: What Grenfell Tower tells us about capitalism

David Lammy, the Tottenham Labour MP, gave an emotional interview in the days after the Grenfell Tower tragedy: ‘This is a tale of two cities. This is what Dickens was [...]

The real issues behind the public sector pay debate

Boris Johnson is the latest Tory voice to join the chorus calling for lifting the 1% cap on annual public sector wage growth. George Osborne introduced a pay freeze the first [...]

Our greed is good: the fake righteousness of socialism

The case against socialism as a system for the organisation of human relations and economics should be easy to make. Ludwig von Mises showed how economic calculation is an [...]

The Marx Brothers: Not funny anymore

The left of British politics is rejoicing in an unexpected electoral resurgence. A skillful campaign has positioned Jeremy Corbyn as a political superstar and likely prime [...]

Libertarians beware: The battle has moved to the centre

The Left is celebrating the death of the ‘Neo-Liberal Consensus’, the political consensus that has dominated Western democracies since 1980. Characterised by enthusiasm [...]

Young, spoiled and angry for the wrong reasons

In September 2016 research from YouGov showed the typical Labour supporter to be a depressed vegetarian. In the summer of 2017, the image of the core of Jeremy Corbyn’s [...]

We must educate the young on the horrors of socialism

On both sides of the Atlantic, politics as we know it is changing. Party allegiance, long determined by your income and social class, is today more likely to be defined by [...]

Are the Tories really to blame for the Grenfell Tower fire?

Before the London Fire Brigade had extinguished the last flames in the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, the left, galvanized by their recent electoral resurgence, had [...]

Time to proudly stand up for capitalism

There are many reasons why Theresa May’s Conservatives managed to squander what seemed like an unassailable lead over Labour in the recent UK election. Certainly, [...]