Why we support Catalan independence

Brexit may be taking the headlines when it comes to European independence movements, but further south a different secession movement is stirring again: the Catalan regional parliament has voted in favour of a bill which gives a legal basis for a referendum on independence from Spain, to be held on October 1. The Spanish central government in Madrid is – [...]

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Should children be allowed to work?

In England, a child below the age of 13 is prohibited from working and young persons must be in part-time education or training until they’re 18. Most developing countries [...]

The world is lucky to have billionaires

A surge in the Amazon share price briefly made Jeff Bezos the world’s richest man in July 2017, when his fortune surpassed USD 90 billion. As the share sold off from the [...]

Why disaster relief is misguided

When people decide where to live there are many factors which are taken into account, and the subjective ranking of these end up determining whether we settle in one place or [...]

Risk, reward and inequality

The entrepreneur is an unusual economic actor: integral to capitalism and admired on the right, he also enjoys a modicum of popularity on the anti-capitalist left, as a symbol [...]

SJWs and the abuse of the English language

The otherwise obscure transgender black model, Monroe Bergdorf, hit the news last week after L’Oreal, who had hired her as part of a campaign to highlight diversity, had to [...]

Were the Nazis socialists?

“Nazi” is a term which is thrown around a lot these days. White nationalists are particularly liable to be labelled as such, but many other groups which identify [...]

Time to re-make the case for Brexit

More than a year after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Labour this week made its mind up on strategy: the official exit in 2019 is to be followed by a transition [...]

The selective outrage of the left

The Left has spent the last years in a state of constant moral outrage. In their world consisting of victims and oppressors, unfairness is everywhere. Free market policies are [...]

Being clever doesn’t make you right: Hawking regurgitates leftwing nonsense on the NHS

Stephen Hawking has weighed in on the debate about the future of the NHS with warnings about creeping privatization. His intervention has been widely celebrated on the left, [...]

Why libertarians must leave virtue signalling to the left

After last week’s nationalist march in Charlottesville under the “Unite the Right” banner and the confrontations with civil rights protestors which ultimately left one [...]