We have forgotten the meaning of property rights

The outrage accompanying the release of the so-called ‘Paradise Papers’, detailing efforts to avoid tax by wealthy individuals and global corporations, is a sad testament to the extent of dilution the concept of property rights continues to suffer in our modern democracies. In the current political debate, the question of the moral justification of [...]

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Should it be criminal to make mistakes? Gordon Brown thinks so

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain during the financial crash of 2008, has spent his time since leaving Parliament after the 2015 general election pursuing a career path [...]

The Paradise Papers and the morality of tax avoidance

The so-called Paradise Papers published this week have spurned predictable outrage at the apparent extend of tax avoidance by the ‘rich and powerful’. Several high-profile [...]

A politically correct Halloween: things you didn’t know were racist

Halloween is over for another year, but it is not quite as it used to be. This year, Disney’s Moana, an animated film about the adventures of a Polynesian girl, has been [...]

The BoE hike: caught in a trap of its own making

On Thursday, the Bank of England raised the benchmark base rate for the first time in a decade. The modest 25bp increase takes the base rate back to where it was before the [...]

Could Brexit give us a free market in farming products?

Brexit is an opportunity. The European Union is rife with waste, bureaucracy and subsidies, but Britain now has a clean slate and a chance to re-write policy and pursue a [...]

How inflation wrecked the middle class

Inequality is the defining political issue of our time. In fact, it has been at the core of policy making at most times for more than a century, but today, the policy [...]

Once a Marxist…

Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed a volatile beginning to his tenure as leader of the Labour party. After his victory in the 2015 Labour leadership election, he faced ridicule, criticism, [...]

The National Living Wage experiment

The National Living Wage (NLW) was introduced in April 2016, hiking the minimum wage for those aged 25 and over from £6.70 to £7.20 an hour. At the time, many warnings were [...]

Hollywood privilege and the cost of political correctness

Hollywood must feel a bit different these days. The name is synonymous with movies, but it is the exploits of Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful men in town, which has [...]

The minimum wage revisited: rise of the machines

It’s simple economics, really. In economic literature it is known as factor substitution: one input (factor) of production (like labour) can, given sufficient time for [...]