Try serving the people, not the institution

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, expressed the view of the EU elite when he said that there is no ‘single market a la carte’ available to the UK – it’s all or nothing, access to the common market for goods and services requires free movement of people. Everybody knows why he says it: offering too good a deal to the UK will inevitably lead to more member states following the UK’s lead and exiting to afterwards pick the pieces they like from the EU menu. The EU can’t risk that, it would lead to the dissolution of the union. But wait a minute… if the dissolution of the union and EU a la carte is what the people want, shouldn’t it be discussed? Aspects of it may prove to be unworkable, but who are you to dismiss the possibility out of hand?  Who are you representing here? Where is your mandate coming from? Surely if the European peoples want a looser union with more flexibility, that’s what you work towards. Surely you shouldn’t dismiss something out of hand because you are afraid it may prove popular with other electorates!

The arrogance of the President of the EC is yet another example of the complete lack of accountability and the dissonance between the electorate and our Masters in the EU. The mega-bureaucrats have stopped even bothering with keeping up an appearance of serving the people, they are now clearly exclusively serving the institution of the EU. It pays their salary, after all. That someone, somewhere have to get up in the morning and apply themselves to something productive so they can hand over the fruits of their labour to fund the party is completely irrelevant to the bureaucracy. The leaders of the European core happily play along, as if they have also completely forgotten who they are representing. An ignorant electorate is unable or unwilling to hold them accountable.

Power corrupts, and the power concentrated in the EU is massive and growing. We should not be surprised, but the in-your-face arrogance of the EU elite can still sometimes amaze.

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